Check out Hank’s newest video, where he makes up a new word that conjures all sorts of imagery.

Submissions are now open for (family friendly artworks) of ‘manwagon’.

(I’m kidding about the artwork thing)
(But seriously, that would be amazing)

We have a ‘Decrease World Suck’ project on our hands.

We are now going to try and unite to collaborate on a crowd-sourced magazine (that won’t be nerdfighter themed). If it’s successful, and actually makes any money, all proceeds will be going to charities that the group votes on. So that’s neat.

I’d recommend 
EVERYONE to go and like this page to keep posted about progress, etc. (More info about ATLAS below)

And if you were interested in participating in the creation process, there are individual groups for each project (there could a novel writing project as well, for anyone who’s interested)

Join this group if you’re interested in helping out with the magazine.  You could be a computer game reviewer, political genius or an artistic wizard.  We’ll be deciding on some themes/topics shortly, and your 

And join this group if you’re interested in helping out with the collab novel.  We’ll form teams, and organize local jams (maybe) where we establish a writing style/characters/plot, and then go crazy in Google Drive.

I’m super stoked at the idea of improving the world through pure creation. I think it’d have to be one of the greatest ways.
Even if you aren’t interested in contributing, I’d recommend liking the page out sheer curiosity.  Could something like this work?
I’ve found suppliers and potential distributors, so maybe.

ATLAS is a project I’ve been working towards for many years now, and will be something that encompasses many fundraisers for charities in the future (hopefully), and I hope for Ink to be one of its foundations.
More info about it will be coming out soon, just know that you’re not joining some cult by signing up.

This project is open to non-nerdfighters as well.  We’re just using nerdfighteria as a strong foundation, because it’s so pro-active, and this is the kind of thing I think they’d get into.




what if augustus and hazel’s couple quote was “Aight? Aight.”

i fell in love the way u fall asleep. slow then mad quick u feel

You can never love peeps as much as no peeps

Some infinities are hella big, but others are hella bigger

What am I doing with my life…

Remember this one?

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Another imaged salvaged from the depths of my computer, once thought to be lost forever.

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