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Analysis: So you can see that the cigarette packet’s brand says ‘Hare’ and this alludes to Van Houten’s explanation of Zeno’s paradox. What it symbolises is that both Hazel and Gus were running the race towards death. After Gus’ recurrence news, Hazel with her terminal cancer would probably be considered as the tortoise, and Gus, the hare. Although Gus did beat her in the race towards death, the distance to the finish never did shorten – since Hazel had terminal cancer. It only grew shorter. Gus’ death was inevitable. So Hazel wouldn’t be able to catch up to him but only decrease the distance between the day Gus died and the day she will die.


Am I the only one who keeps thinking that Hank looks like Flanders from the Simpsons


We’ve come full circle.

The Fault in Our Pants In Our Pants.


It’s been 13, 516 days, and John Green is still not a pizza.


Found this in a used book store. John Green’s lesser known novel about his wife, the yeti

It’s been 13, 516 days, and John Green is still not a pizza.



Deep deep down, I reckon John has quite a lot of potential

Making Stan Lee seem like a good actor since 2014.

Once you put those shoes down, your left hand did not know what to do.


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This post always slaps me in the face

Wow, no kidding.

This is not technically true…time did not exist before the big bang, so you really only spent 13.98 billion years not being born yet. Still a lot of years.

Some infinities are just bigger than others, Hank.

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Remember that one time John had snapchat for a whole 30 seconds?



  • Neighbor: So, Pizza?
  • Me: Oh, yeah, its a.... an inside joke?
  • Neighbor: Oh, so you made the shirt yourself?
  • Me: Oh, no, not at all
  • Neighbor: oh, ok...
  • Me: No like, do you know that movie that came out in theaters? Um, its called (Don't say the abbreviation, don't do it).... The...Fault In Our Stars?
  • Neighbor: Yeah
  • Me: Yeah, the author of the book, this is his face (points at shirt)
  • Neighbor: ....ok


just a reminder that john green’s birthday is just 13 days away so.. yeah




#the second to last one though